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Jackson Animation

I think: At this point you're not going to leave this person alone?
Okay, you're right. But I wanted to point out one thing, this man as a singer could be better or worse, but there is no point of the quality of their video clips, although the best known, have no more animation than those of the special effects, he had animated videos since the beginning:

And before anything, I wish to point out that MJ is the point of start of this article, we will ignore the life of this man, whom we know already too much, and we will tell for example about Robert Balser, the director of the animated series of theJackson 5ive, for the Rankin & Bass Company.

This company ceased production in 1987 with hudge funds, and for years they kept the offices open but without making anything more than merchandising tasks, and Mr. Rankin & Bass were living among New York, Paris and Bermuda, in 1999 decided to enter the production of animated feature films, with the trilogy "The Swan Princess"

and "The King and I", a movie that was a fail due to critics that he accused of using racist stereotypes. Someone can explain me how can be racist who was collaborating with Motown producer and who launched to the fame a whole generation of Japanese animators?

Total, now, Rankin / Bass is dedicated to publishing children's stories and Christmas special for TV.

And what about Jim Blashfield? An artist who has made short films music videos for pop groups of the 80s and 90s as Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Nu Shooz, Paul Simon, Tears for Fears and Marc Cohn. And he is also the author of this 1987 video with a mixing of stop motion and cut-out with some real image, with spectacular results:

Blashfield was already known by his interesting art films as Suspicious circumstances, a surreal 1985 short about a marriage that is invaded at home by two flying Donald Duck heads:

Recently he has worked with videos of Bill Frisell, Oregon Symphony, and Weird Al Yankovic. He won a Gold Lion at Cannes, a Grammy and numerous awards EMI.

Recently he has also worked in films like Bunnyheads, SuctionMaster, The Tassel Loafers, or Dream of a Witch's Sabbath and has also created multi-image spaces installations for Liminal Performance Group.

Back to animation and CGI, we have the short film Ghosts of 1997, also available as limited edition video. A short film made no more and no less than by Stan Wiston, edited to VHS. A short that was a failure, being held in an already decadent era of the singer, and he tried to keep the same criteria when performing the marketing of Thriller.

Considering that the fat old co-star of the short is actually Michael Jackson, I think it is more than clear that Stan Wiston is the best specialist in make-up special effects of the world, in this case the makeup was done by the makeup specialist of the film of Stephen King Thinner, but we can remember other Oscar winners Stan Wiston's makeups , as is the case of Jurasic Park, Alien, Predator or Terminator.

Stan Winston started working for Disney in the'70s, winning an EMI in 1972 for the production of the movie Gargoyles. He made numerous collaborations, including the WOOKIE costumes in the Star Wars Christmas Special of 1978

In 1998, teamed up with James Cameron and Scott Ross to create the special effects company Digital Domain, immediately after the success of Titanic, Stan Winston did not stop to make special effects for movies like The Ghost and the Darkness, Terminator 3D, Artificial Intelligence or Ironman.

Until the last minute reneged on Alien vs. Predator, as he considered the Alien Queen as his favorite daughter, and this film as an aberration.

Stan Winston died last year during the filming of Terminator IV Salvation , he was an artist bigger than other whom we where talking about before. Following rumors says he was preparing material for Jurasic Park IV, and he was agreed to cooperate in the forthcoming film of his friend James Cameron: Avatar.

And finally, another very interesting animation video, this time on stop motion, Speed Demon, by the Will Vinton's Claymation animation studio, actually this is not an official video but it was performed for the film Michael Jackson Moonwalker.

Vinton ya habia trabajado con Michael Jackson para Disney en los efectos especiales de la atracción de 3D Captain EO, de Disneyland.

But Vinton is a master of Stop Motion whom we will tell about.


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