dissabte, 25 de juliol de 2009

Afro Samurai

Tommy Blacha, Metalocalypse's producer, in 2007 was involved in the production of the American edition of these Japanese series Afro Samurai. An anime about a funky samurai that at the American edition voices of Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Perlman are featured and it has more blood than in a black pudding factory led by Dracula. Despite been so cool, I can not write anything good about anime, so I'm going to explain the plot: in a feudal Japanese world like Samurai Shamploo (instead of been hip hop it is a funky world), a gunman kills Afro samurai's father, a warrior to be the No 1, Afro Samurai swears revenge with the help of the Bronx's ninja: ninja-ninja, to kill anyone who dares him in the most brutal forms.

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