dissabte, 1 d’agost de 2009

James & the Giant Peach

Henry Selick UK - USA 1996

This film is an adaptation of the 1961 musical based on the story by Roald Dahl. Produced by Tim Burton and Disney, combining real images with stop motion.

They wanted to combine the star in real image with the rest of the film in stop motion, but the budget went too far, sothey pretended doing everything in stop motion, but as they had already begun to prepare the scenes in real image, they made the beginning in real image and the fantasy scenes in stop motion.

Roald Dahl never accepted to do a film adaptation of his book, was his widow, Liccy Dahl who sold the rights.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for best original music, and received the award for best animated film at the Annecy International Animation Festival.

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